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Join the Treasure Hunt!

Do you like solving clues? Looking for a fun activity over the summer? Then why not take part in the Apple Dumpling Bridge Treasure Hunt? It's free to enter and the clues will take you around Gosport and Portsmouth. You can complete the Hunt in your own time: the deadline is 31st August. There are super prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. and entry form. Happy Hunting!

Click here to download the clues


Download the theme song


Agatha's Song is a kind of theme-tune: it's where Agatha is setting out on her mission to stop the war and to find the Acorn, to keep it out of the greedy paws of Admiral Gizor. She is trying to decipher the riddle she's been given … and slowly realising who is the Chosen One with whom she must travel.

The song is free to stream on SoundCloud. Agatha's Song was written by Amanda Field, arranged by David P Bailey, mixed at Blackhill Studios by Tom Gibson, and is sung by Claire Murphy.

Listen to Agatha's Song

Verse 1:

Am I dreaming? Could you be the one?
Were you chosen for the journey just begun?
Will you follow and never question why?
Come, take my hand and let's look to the sky


If this is God's port, can it be our haven?
How long must I fight to set my country free?
The road is so long and I am so weary
But I keep this in mind
Only two can travel and only one can find

Verse 2:

Are you ready to leave it all behind?
Across the water is where we'll see the sign.
Into danger we must lightly tread
Soft as a breeze upon a feather bed

(repeat Chorus)

Middle 8:

Tell me which way does the wind blow?
Be not deceived
The secrets that we're keeping will soon be revealed
Remember what they taught you when you were just a lad
Kindness is everything
Kindness is everything

(repeat Chorus)

Find the painted pebbles

We've hidden a series of painted pebbles in some of the key places where the action of the book takes place - in Gosport, Portchester, Portsmouth and Southsea. Some are paintings of squirrels, hedgehogs and badgers; some have wording on them from the riddles in the book. If you find one, you'll recognise it by flipping it over, where you'll find 'Apple Dumpling Bridge' written on the reverse. Why not take a photograph of it and post it on the K L Knowles Facebook page before hiding it again? And, of course, we'd love it if you wanted to paint your own pebble, perhaps of one of your favourite characters in the book, and place it for others to find.


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